Sri Guru Gorakshanath ji is a main Guru and a keeper for all yogis. The followers of Sri Gorakshnath are known as Nathas or Kanphatas. A Natha yogi is one who strives by severe restraint and discipline of the body, to secure union with God. The Natha yogis are a distinct order of yogis. These yogis are found everywhere in India. Nath Sampradaya (tradition) has a many monastries (mathas), spread all over India and in foreign lands.

An organization called the AKHIL BHARATVARSHIYA AVADHUT BHESH BARAH PANTH YOGI MAHASABHA has general supervision over the monastries. The main aim of this organization is assistance to the all Nath yogis & monastries, maintenance and progress of Nath Sampradaya. Also organization helps to poor students, it has a many schools for children, provides them education, foods, clothes & medicine.

This organization is composed of representatives from the twelve panths (branches) of the Nath Tradition:

1. Satnathi (Satnath)

2. Ramnathi (Ram ke)

3. Pagal (Pagalpanthi)

4. Pav panth (Pavak)

5. Dharmnath (Dharmnathi)

6. Mannathi (Manonathi)

7. Kaplani (Kapilpanth)

8. Ganganath (Ganganathi)

9. Nateshvari (Daryanathi)

10. Aai panth (Aai ke)

11. Vairag (Bhartrihari Vairag)

12. Ravalpanthi